Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to Freeze Corn

Last summer one of my high school friends put pictures on her Facebook page of her freezer full of corn she had frozen. It had never occurred to me to freeze corn, but I made a mental note to grab extras when they went on sale in August. Lucky for me, my produce co-op offered cases of corn for purchase. There were supposedly 48 ears of corn in my case, but it felt more like 480!

Here's how I preserved my corn:

1) Shuck the corn. Better yet, send your husband and kids outside to do it!
2) Boil water in the largest pot you have.
3) While the water boils, fill your sink with cold water and throw in some ice (or not the ice is optional).
4) Once the water is boiling, fill the pot with corn. Cook for 3 minutes.
5) Using tongs, remove corn from pot to a large platter and then straight in to the sink full of cold water.
6) Once corn is cool, cut off kernels in to the largest bowl you have in your kitchen. I just used a large, sharp chefs knife (I actually only have 2 knives in my kitchen!).
7) Fill quart size freezer bags with 3 cups of corn. Freeze. OR Put cobs of corn whole in to gallon freezer bags. Freeze.

I can't wait to have freshly frozen summer corn in the winter!

1 Thoughts From Others:

Sarah for Real said...

That's a great idea! I love fresh, u-pick corn but can't eat nearly enough in its short season. I will definitely do this myself!

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