Saturday, July 31, 2010

Peg Dolls

One particularly lazy summer afternoon, we finally got around to painting some peg dolls. These were a big hit with everyone and even Daddy got involved in an afternoon peg "person" painting session!

 (Please note it was 104 out and she was wearing long sleeves. I think she adjusted!)

I think he has a gift. We didn't have any red paint, so the blue should be red, but can you tell who he painted?

Friday, July 30, 2010

A (Budget) Princess Birthday Party

I am not a mama who is in to spending big time money on a birthday party, but I do love to throw a fun shin dig! Ella's birthday is in July. This past January I ran in to a deal where I could get 75% off the cost of a real live princess for a birthday party. It was so inexpensive that I couldn't pass.

The princess was from Fairytale Couture and every adult at the party agreed that she was fabulous! I can't say enough good things about this company. The normal prices are more than I like to spend for a birthday party, but I think it's worth the cost. My daughter and her friends had an hour of very personalized time with a real live princess. They were ELATED! The princess told a story, sang songs, danced with them and even did some face painting (she does other activities as well -- you can choose what you want).

Because I spent all of my budget on the princess, I made homemade cupcakes and stuck to simple decorations I had around the house. I had picked up plates, napkins, and cups after Valentine's Day (pink always goes over!). Ella is already asking for Cinderella to come next year and it was worth cutting back everywhere else to be able afford a real live princess.

(Even the "big" girls had fun!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our San Diego Summer Vacation

We have spent the past week and a half on vacation just north of San Diego, California. We are heading back home in a few days. The weather took me completely by surprise -- it has been in the mid-60s and overcast with a few days of rain. I was expecting a sunny beach vacation! We're heading back in to the hottest part of our summer (110 degrees plus) so I'm trying to enjoy the cool temps and not feel like I'm freezing cold all the time.

Here's what we've been up to this week!

My husband's name (in case you missed it) is Mitch.

Cardiff State Beach 

Sea World

In front of the USS Midway

At Oceanside Beach -- he's trying to figure out what the heck is on his feet!

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