Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Crafty Summer

One of the big challenges for any parent at home all summer long with kids is how to keep them engaged. While I believe that kids need to learn how to be bored and how to deal with it, I also like to have a few "tricks" up my sleeve. I also happen to love pretty much any type of craft so for me, summer is prime time to roll up our sleeves and get to crafting! For the past few months I have been collecting crafty ideas appropriate for the pre-school and the "tween" crowd to keep us busy this summer.

Paper Quilling: After reading this post at Out of the Crayon Box, I decided that quilling was a must try for this summer. Jane used quilling with an after school club of 4th and 5th graders and they loved it so I'm hoping our future 5ht grader will love it, too! I've had this kit sitting on a shelf for over a month and I'm dying to break it open! But I primarily purchased it for the tween in the house so I'm still waiting! I'm thinking these Father's Day cards might be our first project.

Peg Dolls: This post at Skip to My Lou peaked my interest in wooden peg dolls. Definitely something both the pre-schooler and the tween can do. But this post of fairy dolls pushed me to order some supplies. I'm thinking the tween and I can work up a set for the pre-schooler's birthday in July! I am not very talented in the painting department, but thankfully our future 5th grader is!

Beading:  This idea came from a Jo-Anns sales flyer. This is as easy as it gets. I bought a box of beads and some stretchy stuff to put them on. The pre-schooler and I have already made a few bracelets and had a great time doing it.

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