Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Container Gardening: Tomatoes

There it is. My first attempt at gardening.  I have recently been yearning to grow my own fruit and veggies, but an unfinished back yard and a fear of spending a lot of money to end up with nothing to show for it has kept me from trying out my green thumb.  I have absolutely NO gardening experience.  My mother-in-law was quite the plant lover and my husband inherited that love, but with small kids and pets, plants have not been a big part of our life. Until now!

A few weeks ago we planted 2 containers (the same ones the tomatoes are in) with vincas because Home Depot had them on sale and told us they are "heat hardy".  When I saw that tomatoes were on sale over Memorial Day Weekend, I decided to toss aside all my doubts and just go for it!

So here they are -- two "patio tomato" plants.  I am afraid that we are growing these WAY too late in the season and that the heat of July will kill them.  I was told that our seasons are short so we have to plant 90 days or less plants. These are 70 day -- so here's hoping they survive!

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Karin said...

Too bad you don't know a certified master gardener who could help you...oh, wait!

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