Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Freezing and Storing Broth

I've posted before about making my own broths. After trial and error I found that freezing my broth in plastic Ball jelly containers worked really well. Each container holds just under 1 cup of broth (close enough for me!). Storing the containers in the freezer, however, was problematic. The containers themselves took up a lot of space and would crack if they fell out of the freezer. And if I needed to make more broth, my containers were otherwise occupied!

A few months ago it dawned on me that I could freeze the broth in the containers and then remove the frozen broth and put it into a Ziploc. I run the frozen containers under warm water just until the broth loosens so I can remove the chunk. My containers are free and there is more room in the freezer, which definitely works for me!

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