Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Urban Garden: Update

My tomatoes continue to hang in there despite unseasonably warm weather. I am very much enjoying tending to these little plants and watching them grow. There are many little yellow flowers on both plants and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they actually turn in to tomatoes! My brother in law in a master gardener and he assures me those flowers will turn in to tomatoes.

Yesterday I noticed that one little tomato was turning from green... to RED! An actual real red tomato growing in MY desert back yard! I really don't care if this is the only tomato that makes it (I set my expectations REALLY low on this whole gardening thing), I grew a tomato in the desert and that gives me immense joy.

We also added a composter to the back yard.  I was really looking forward to it, but honestly, it's been a major pain. It's hot here and the compost dries out.  I added a bag of compost to get us started (we don't have dirt here in the desert so I need something to throw in there) and I think I need another bag because it's hard to keep my food scraps covered (and thus the fruit flies at bay).  I'll keep plugging away with it, but right now it annoys me.

2 Thoughts From Others:

The Campbell Family said...

Nice picture... "Oh, Ella, could you go pose with the composter?"

At least she is cute. I guess that makes up for it. :)

Karin said...

Love her dress!

I'll help you out when I'm there - I'm a master composter now.

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