Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Long Road to Nowhere

This past weekend was Labor Day weekend -- a three day glorious weekend! We wanted to go somewhere, do something....but we couldn't quite get there (wherever that was). Having spent one Labor Day waiting in line for 2 hours to go half a mile to get in to the Grand Canyon, we're a bit cautious about traveling on this particular weekend. So we stayed put. But then we got restless. We decided to get out of the heat and head up to Mt. Charleston. We packed up for a little hiking, got on the road, made a left to go up the mountain... and saw rain and rain and rain on the mountain. Hmmmm. Not good. So we turned around and followed a sign on the freeway that said "State Park". I'm not sure what park we ended up at, but we had to pay to get in (boo), and it was hot and muggy. But the wee one needed to get the lead out. We stuck around for a bit and let her play.

This particular park boasts two fishing ponds (stocked monthly), horse rides (on the back or in a carriage)and.... peacocks. Lots and lots of peacocks -- even a white one! Just roaming around....

After the peacocks, we found a nice big grassy area to play in. We put down a sheet and let Ella down to run. Turns out the sheet is WAY more fun than running around.

On Monday we headed to the Children's Museum (teachers got in free that day).

And then we had a birthday party for Adam (Michelle's fiance), but he didn't come... but Ella got balloons and I made a 4 layer German Chocolate Cake. It was yummy!

And that was it. Non-eventful and we loved every minute of it!

2 Thoughts From Others:

Jen said...

Sometimes you need weekends like that!

Nerdy said...

Those are the best weekends ever.

(PS, glad someone got my post. I knew you and Steph would understand my way of explaining that)

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