Friday, May 23, 2008

Babies R Us Giving Credit for Bottles with BPA

I received an email today from a friend who took her used bottles containing BPA and returned them to Babies R Us for a store credit:

"Not sure if you were aware, but I found out yesterday that Babies R Us is accepting BPA bottles (such as Avent and Dr. Browns) and giving store credit for them. This includes USED bottles! You just have to make sure that they are complete (eg include the brushes for the Dr. Browns) and they won't accept extra nipples you may have purchased separately. This may change if a recall is issued for the bottles, so you may want to look into this sooner rather than later. I got a $53 store credit today with my returns!

Victoria isn't using the bottles anymore anyway, so it worked out great. One salesperson wasn't going to accept the bottles since I didn't have a receipt, but the other salesperson said they had to since Victoria was still using bottles (she asked, I said I was trying to get her onto sippy cups now, but still needed bottles occasionally)."

I can't find anything on the Babies R Us website about this, but it may be worth a phone call or trip to the store to replace your Dr. Brown's set! Our bottles are BPA free so we don't have any to return, but what a great service Babies R Us is providing.

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Kikka said...

I just called my Babies R Us in Nashville, TN and they said that I would have to show a receipt or the purchase would have to be in their computer within the last 13 months. So, I would call your store first!

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