Friday, November 7, 2008

36 Weeks... Or Not

We saw our OB again this week. After he measured and listened to the heart beat, he put us on the Newborn Stress Test (NST) machine...and left to deliver a baby. No talk of an amnio or delivering next week. No talk of anything. We assumed we'd seem after the NST. Sigh. I'm thrilled not to be delivering (I think) next week, but communication would be nice. I'm fine going week to week...but until when? All I know is that I have to have a scheduled c-section and it has to be before I go in to labor.

This is my frustration with doctors -- they can't seem to keep up with their patients. We waited for over 90 minutes to be seen this week, which is highly unusual so we were OK. Until we learned that the doctor had ALSO been sitting around for an hour waiting to see patients -- he just assumed his appointments were late. He shares his office with 3 other docs and each sees their own patients. Apparently the nurses were simply putting the other docs patients in rooms first. Then I found out I needed the above mentioned NST, which I could have been doing during that 90 minute wait, but my chart the previous week had not been marked that I needed one so none had been scheduled. Another nurse error. I know exactly which nurse is inept, but I have no idea how to tell the doctor or even if I should.

Then we went to make an appointment for next week. Only our doc is out of the office Monday and Tuesday (he doesn't work the days schools are closed and ours are next week those days), he does surgery on Wednesdays, and closes at 2 PM on Friday (my husband works until at least 2 PM). Thursday is the ONLY day we could make an appointment and my husband has a concert that evening so we have to be back up at school by 5:30 PM.

It's a shame that as the patient, we have to keep pushing for information that at this point should be given automatically by the doctor and that we have to schedule appointments completely around his schedule. So much for customer service. I'm hoping this is just Nevada health care (which is TERRIBLE in general). I do know that as an attorney, I have an ethical obligation to communicate with and be available to my client. I'm wondering why we don't expect the same of our doctors.

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Karin said...

When Matt was dealing with cancer I found it COMPLETELY frustrating (and unacceptable) that the doctor didn't offer information. If we hadn't asked: "Will chemotherapy affect Matt's ability to father children?", the doctor might not have told us.

To make it worse, when we went to Indiana University and saw the experts, they told us everything we needed to know - we were shocked. When we told them what our doctor had told us, they suggested maybe he was a year or so behind on his info!

With commercials for drugs and WebMD readily available, if feels like we're expected to diagnose ourselves, decide what pills we want to treat it, then we show up at the doc so he/she can write the prescription.

Matt and I have already switched two doctors in the past 2 years because the first two seemed more impressed with how often they could see us and treat us instead of how to actually take care of is in the best way.


ErinOrtlund said...

That's frustrating! I remember being bumped around when I was high risk during my pregnancy with Will--both of my regular doctors were on vacation that month. It's hard because you don't want to be difficult, at the same time, you want the very best care possible because so much is riding on it! Hope you get some good answers soon and a better idea of when you'll deliver!

The Campbell Family said...

Happy to say that is NOT the case with our OB. She is truly heavensent. So I know that there are some good ones out there. But like you said, most of the office rides on the nurses and sometimes they are the problem. We've had the same one for three babies and still have no idea what her name is. I realize I could have asked but she is sooooo unfriendly I felt that personal info should not be a subject with her. TOTALLY opposite of our doctor and a shame that she is the person you have to go through to get to the doctor... Sorry your having a bad go of it, Cam. Good news - ALMOST OVER! Hang in there!!!

The Campbell Family said...

Oh... and I HATE drug commercials and the fact that they always tell you to "Ask you doctor if ___ is right for you." Christopher and I have many conversations about the fact that we are paying good money to see doctors who are supposed to do this type of homework, not us. I've got plenty of other things to keep me busy these days, I do not need to be researching medications.

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