Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting Ready

After weeks of telling me he wanted to get the bassinet set up, Daddy finally got me to move my knitting gear and get it ready to go. We put the bassinet up while Ella was napping. She found it after her nap and dragged me in there to show me where "baby go night-night". I was surprised she knew what it was, but I guess she did see other babies sleep in it (it has been passed around our circle of friends from baby to baby).

I also managed to finish packing our hospital bag (the black bag in the pictures).

It took Felix about an hour to find his new napping place -- at least until the little guy arrives and kicks him out.

Baby's pending arrival suddenly feels very real... and exciting!

5 Thoughts From Others:

Grandma said...

So, will he and Abby share this???? Suppose they could take turns...while the other eats, etc.

Camille said...

Nope, Abby gets the big girl bed!

The Campbell Family said...

Better be a camera in that black bag cause I am not hoofin' it across town with my two sweet girls to bring it to you... :)

Karin said...

I wanna see the pictures of Ella in the baby-bed: I keep hearing about her being in it...

Camille said...

CF: Not only is there a camera AND a video camera... but EXTRA batteries!

Lucky for you the hospital is right around the corner. :-)

K: I'm too busy chasing her out of it to take pics, but I'll try.

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