Monday, April 9, 2007

First Holidays

All of Ella's first holidays are officially done... unless we count Cinco de Mayo and the 4th of July, but I doubt Babies R Us has onesies for those. Here are all her cute outfits! I'm hoping to make a blanket or pillow quilt out of them.

1st Halloween as a lobster

1st Thanksgivng at the Ranney's house

1st Christmas at Babcia and Dzia Dzia's in Michigan

1st Valentine's Day at home

1st St. Patty's Day -- it was 80 degrees and this long-sleeved onesie was too hot!

1st Easter with Easter basket outside in Las Vegas

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The Campbell Family said...

Cammie.. Cammie.. Cammie... People will sell anything baby related to get you to buy it - don't you know that yet? Old Navy has the best 4th of July stuff. Including little hats that look like fireworks and say 'Baby's 1st.' AND - there is a first birthday quickly approaching, which comes with its very own set of baby's first items.... :)

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