Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgving!

Our Thanksgiving day was packed with activities and was fairly non-traditional. We spent the morning making the gingerbread house and hanging out watching the Macy's parade.

Around 11 AM (much earlier than planned) we took advantage of Ella's non-napping schedule and headed to our Thanksgiving meal at the Rampart Casino Buffet. It was delicous!

They had a chocolate fountain and Sarah took advantage of it! Ella practiced using a fork on the strawberries and Sarah shared her chocolate covered ones with her little sister.

We played by the fountain in the hotel...

After our feast, the girls headed to the movies to see "Enchanted" and we were definitely enchanted! It is a fantastic movie -- we all loved it!

I was a bit disappointed not to be making my own turkey, but I had no dishes, no stress, no sore feet -- just lots and lots of fun!

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