Thursday, November 15, 2007

Taking a Turkey Hiatus

Everyone arrives tomorrow -- Mom/Babcia and Dad/Dzia dzia and Sarah. Mitch was supposed to fly Philly tonight and bless him, he took a bump and went to Pittsburgh instead for a free ticket. He heads to Philly tomorrow afternoon and then back to Vegas in the night. The parents arrive tomorrow in time to drive themselves through the Las Vegas Rush Hour. We have lots planned (visits to Santa; baking cookies; making gingerbread houses; Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties; a trip to the Grand Canyon, etc) so I'm not sure how much time I'll have to blog until the end on November 27. If I miss you -- have a very blessed Thanksgiving! I'll definitely see you on the other side of the turkey coma....

Nov. 18, 2007: I have been threatened to be disowned by the only Van Buren sister NOT in Vegas this Thanksgiving... so I promise to try and keep up so she can share in the week "virtually". And to show my good faith... I"m adding pictures to this entry!

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