Friday, November 23, 2007

The Magical Forest

After the movie, we gathered the troops and headed to the Magical Forest. It is a beautiful winter wonderland of lights, decorations, and rides.

Sarah rode the really big slide and Ella took her first turn on a carousel.

We all rode the Magical Express train and got a picture with Frosty the Snowman (who apparently is not nearly as scary as Santa!).

And then we walked through the Magical Forest itself.

4 Thoughts From Others:

ErinOrtlund said...

Sarah and Ella are so cute--you can really tell they're sisters!

The Campbell Family said...

Boy, is that place cool! And thanks for putting on the gloves and hats and PRETENDING you have cool Thanksgiving weather. :)

Grandma said...

Darling photos. Seems funny to think of Las Vegas and Winter coats and hats! Benjamin would have had a wonderful time pointing at all the lights in this place!

Camille said...

It was in the 50's... sheesh... hardly weather for shorts and tank tops!

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