Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm going to be an Aunt (again)!!

FINALLY I can post it!I've been busting at the seams over here. The Campbells are adding to their clan and I had a hand in revealing the big news -- it was so fun! We're hoping for pink this time around and the baby knitting has already begun. Once I get little Benjamin a well deserved lovey, that is.

It's so fun having all my friends pregnant. We had 3 babies due in my women's Bible Study group -- and one came a few weeks early this past weekend (a baby boy). One more is due in 2 days (a girl) and another one in early March (another boy). Then the Campbell baby in July or August. Maybe one day I'll get over the memories of 9 months of nausea and do it myself again... or maybe not! :-)

A big Congrats to Stephanie and Christopher!

2 Thoughts From Others:

Grandma said...

I was glad to hear you had a "part" in the announcement...because when they read the note, I thought...How exciting Cammie's finally coming to Kansas to meet Benjamin!! This grandma is always so unaware of the REAL situation, I guess.

Karin said...

Umm...the title scares me. I don't want people thinking I got knocked up. Just an observation.

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