Monday, February 11, 2008


Ella's "Terrible Twos" started around 12-13 months. We've had temper tantrums, biting, hitting, etc since then (time outs started at 15 months and are pretty ineffective). I had convinced myself that since she started so early, certainly by 2 she'd have grown out of it. I'm serious -- I was convinced! HA! Since turning 18 months she has added, "No!", pushing your hands away if she wants to do it herself, climbing, and upping the ante on the tantrums.

It's hard for me to tell if this is the 'real' Ella or not because since November, she's been sick. We've had three ear infections in six weeks making for one cranky kid! I suppose I could keep her home all the time, but she has so much fun with other kids that I hate to do that (don't worry -- I keep her out the church nursery and other groups when she's contagious). Needless to say, this has been the most frustrating few months of Ella's life yet (for me).

To add to all that, we're having sleeping issues. Ella has never had sleep issues. Since the day we brought her home, she slept in her own bed in her own room. About a week ago when we'd put her down for the night, she'd go running for OUR BED! She's never slept in it and I have no idea why this started. Last week she started waking up between 1-3 AM and screaming to go to bed with us -- but I'm not sure if that's the ears or what.

Life Lesson: No matter how consistent you are with them when they are babies, it ALL goes out the window in toddlerhood. I feel like we've started back at square one! I should've had another one before we hit the toddler stage! Forget the icky pregnancy -- who wants to go through this again!?!?!

OK, I feel better now. Thanks for listening and any and all advice is welcome!

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