Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine Surprise

I really love Valentine's Day. I love all the pink, red, hearts, chocolate, etc. We had mega plans for today and tonight. My women's small group planned a fondue lunch and I made truffles for all the wonderful women in the group. Ella and I made super cute valentine's for the kids. Mitch had a baby-sitter for tonight and the plan was to spend Valentine's Day in Paris -- crepes, the Eiffel Tower, coffee and baguettes, and pink tulips (my request instead of roses).

So yesterday evening when my throat was scratchy, I pushed it aside. But by about 9 PM it was pretty obvious that I was coming down with something -- chills, sore throat, stuffy nose, achy body. Thankfully Mitch's job allows lots of flexibility for sick days so he graciously took today and is taking tomorrow off so I can lay in bed and get better. We did manage to rent and watch "Becoming Jane" (you must check out the Red Box DVD rentals -- so cheap and easy!). But it was matza ball soup and lots of OJ for me today. So my Valentine ode to my sweetheart will be late this year. Oh well.

And the only pics I have are of the valentine's Ella gave out this year. She had a cute outfit on today, but I didn't get any pics.

Hope your day was full of love!

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