Monday, February 11, 2008

A Trip to the Springs Preserve

It has finally warmed up here! I realize that most people who read this blog are going to want to throw something at me for complaining, but it's been in the high 40's/low 50's for way too long and I've been freezing. Late last week it warmed up to... 70. Yeah, sorry for all you in the depths of below freezing temps, snow, wind and blizzards. But you get snow days -- we don't.

I digress. We headed out in the gorgeous weather yesterday to check out the brand-new Springs Preserve. The Springs Preserve is a 180-acre non-gaming cultural and historical attraction designed to commemorate Las Vegas' dynamic history and to provide a vision for a sustainable future. We only made it as far as the play area where Ella wore herself out. We're planning to head back to check out the gardens and trails.

No, Ella doesn't have a shiner. She has pink eye (and an ear infection), but boy did we get some looks yesterday! She also has a cut on her lip and chin (she tripped and fell on Friday), which didn't help.

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