Thursday, July 24, 2008

Welcome, Little Campbell!

One of my nearest, dearest, best friends in life is Stephanie. We met in college in 1995 and have so much in common that we have yet to find nothing to talk about. Today, Stephanie gave birth to her third baby -- I won't give away any details, but she had a healthy baby.

Just so we'd have even more fun things to tell our kids:

In July 2006, I gave birth to Ella. In December 2006, Stephanie birthed Benjamin. Yes, the wedding is already planned.

In July 2008, Stephanie had Baby Campbell. In December 2008, I will have Baby Gabel (well, hopefully we make it to December!).

(So as not to leave him out, Stephanie also has Noah, born in March 2005)

It has been very fun to be pregnant together twice (she also has very sick pregnancies). Someday we will wear purple hats, travel the world, and visit our grandchildren together.

Welcome, Little One! We can't wait to meet you!

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