Friday, January 15, 2010

All Boy

The other night at dinner Miles stuffed his mouth FULL with bread and then continued to try and stuff more in (notice the bread in BOTH hands!)!

After two girls, this guy constantly amazes us! He is so very clever in so many ways the girls just never bothered with. Like figuring how to climb on top of toy chest and through a ladder (to the top bunk) so that he can get on his sisters' bed. Or figuring out, in one day, how to go up and down the stairs -- all by himself (he just showed up one morning in the kitchen while I was making breakfast!). He still refuses to walk, but I'm guessing once he figures out how useful it is, he'll figure it out quickly! And he just loves to EAT!

I hope his chipmunk cheeks and smile brighten your day!

Happy Friday!

2 Thoughts From Others:

Sarah Kay said...

Whenever my nephew comes over the FIRST thing he does is take off the couch cushions and jump on them. My girls NEVER think to do that. Boys and girls are so different!

Karin said...


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