Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Last Week of Summer

It's finally here: our last week of summer. My husband goes back to school a week and a half earlier than required for band camp (anyone out there remember band camp?). I always have mixed feelings about the summer ending. On the one hand, I will miss having my husband (and our car) around and the lazy days. On the other hand, I look forward to getting back in to a routine and being more productive during the day.

Now I need to start prepping food for the school year. My husband takes breakfast and lunch with him to work everyday. I have a list of freezer cooking started, but the super hot weather has curtailed any plans for turning on the oven (we have had 46 straight days over 100 degrees! Most of those have up near 110.). But it's supposed to "cool off" this week so hopefully I'll get some baking done.

My daughter, Ella, turned 4 in July which prompted me to start investigating some pre-school ideas. I'm not really in any hurry to push her in to school. We're fairly certain that we're going to homeschool our kids, but we're still researching curriculum. To say that it has been overwhelming is the understatement of the century! Right now I'd just like Ella to learn her letters. Despite the fact that she can recite the entire Lord's Prayer (including the big words "temptation" and "trespasses") she still only recognizes a few letters by name and that really bugs me for some reason. So I'm thinking our goal for her will be to get the letters and numbers learned and maybe start some pre-writing.

My menu plans will be a regular post again starting next week and hopefully I'll get this blog under control and re-focused!

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