Friday, September 10, 2010

Darth Pancakes

We are just SLIGHTLY Star Wars obsessed over here. Ella's favorite pretend playmates are Obi Wan and Quigon. When Miles hears the Star Wars themes, he squeals with glee. So what's a mom to do except indulge them a bit.

When my friend posted Darth Vader pancakes on her blog, I about flipped out. Williams Sonoma sells pancake molds... and cookie cutters... and an apron.... I did not get the apron.

Williams Sonoma also sells a $10 "Pancake Pen" to fill the molds, but I found that the $.97 bottle with part of the tip cut off works just fine.

4 Thoughts From Others:

Mrs. K said...

I love that your family is so into Star's CUTE, especially Elle and her fondness for the movie. Did you find her a costume yet?

Camille said...

And expensive! :-) But fun.

Not yet on the costume. I'm stalking a few on Ebay.

The Campbell Family said...

A spoon works, too, if you must know... :) Actually, I think I used a measuring cup. $0.00 and no cutting.

Camille said...

I tried a spoon and it was a mess for me. I just like the way the squeeze bottle works. Quick and easy.

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