Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Baby, It's WARM Outside!

I can't say "HOT" because in Las Vegas, 88 degrees is just "warm" (110 is HOT). But it was (hot). We've been having troubles adjusting to the time change and I've read that the best way to beat that is to get out in the sun. So we did! Ella had a great time and we stayed until I realized that it was way to warm to be wearing a black tee shirt while sitting in the sun/shade.

Ella is starting to scoot around on her tummy and squealing with absolute delight while doing it! Especially if she can manage to grab a handful of cat! She's sleeping on her knees (with butt in the air), but isn't quite crawling yet.

We've added two new members to our family this week -- Bruce and Keola. They are both Mitch's students and will be living with us indefinitely. Ella LOVES having her new "big brothers" around. And I love that they play with her so I can get something accomplished!

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