Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blue Man Group

Yesterday morning Mitch received an email that a fellow educator had 80 free tickets to the Blue Man Group that night. Despite the fact that it was for the 10:30 PM show (YIKES! We didn't get home until 1 AM), we were able to snag 5 tickets for us, the boys and Terry, the orchestra director at Mitch's school. Overall, we enjoyed the show -- very entertaining and not at all what you would expect. So I don't kill the surprise for anyone who may go in the future (I will say there is massive amounts of paper and I've yet to figure out why), I'll leave it at that. But I wouldn't pay the $100/ticket they ask. If ever you are in Vegas with a pre-teen -- they seemed to like it the best. The boys (teens) enjoyed it as well, but the middle school crowd seemed to have the most fun. Save your money and go to see a Cirque show -- much cooler!

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