Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mount Charleston

Yesterday was Nevada State Proficiency testing at school. Students are tested as sophomores and if you pass everything -- you are done. Since Keola is a freshman and Bruce is a proficient junior, they had the day off. Mitch also took the day off (hmmm...sit in a classroom assistant proctoring or stay home....) and AFTER getting the new furniture, we headed up to Mt. Charleston.

It was a quick 20 minute drive up to about 7,000 feet and it was snowing off and on. Bruce and Keola are originally from Hawaii so they were looking forward to getting in to the snow. And they did! Boy, did they enjoy themselves. We parked at a hiking trail and let them out to play. Afterwards, we stopped for lunch at the adorable Mt. Charleston Hotel. Pricey, but quaint. We're looking forward to heading up this summer for picnics with the girls.

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