Sunday, March 11, 2007

The First Tooth!

A week ago today Ella decided she no longer wanted to eat baby food. She spent all week refusing anything but crackers to eat. She also went through about a gazillion diapers. I thought she was just under the weather. Turns out, she was teething (silly mama!)!

And who discovered that first little tooth peeking through her gums? Nick Davidson -- a trombone player from Mitch's band who happened to be over on Friday afternoon. He was playing with Ella and said, "Oh! You have a tooth peeking through!" And I said, "No, she doesn't have teeth yet." It wasn't until we were in Wal-Mart 2 hours later that I actually saw a glimpse of white when she smiled at me. Lesson learned: Listen to the teenagers! (No really -- I do know better than that!)

Once the tooth is actually up so we can get a picture of it and Ella lets us see it -- we'll get a picture for you!

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