Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our Daily Constitutional

Every day we walk with Ella to get our mail. We live in the back of our apartment community and the mail is at the front. It's a healthy walk for a little girl and she loves going so much that sometimes we go twice. Yesterday she desperately needed to get out and run around so we went a little early. Much to my chagrin, the sprinklers were on everywhere. I managed to avoid them. Ella did not. Is there anything more delightful in life than the sound of your child giggling and enjoying a sprinkler when it is 50 degrees out? I think not!

Today Ella decided to take a baby in the doll stroller with her on the walk. The baby had a good time and apparently needed to be carried at one point. It was a lot more fun to go off-roading than to stay on the sidewalk. Ella chattered to her baby the entire walk and did a really nice job gettting the stroller around.

2 Thoughts From Others:

The Campbell Family said...

How fun!!! She is just growing too fast.

Nerdy said...

I love going through sprinklers all dressed too. How sweet!

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