Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy 2008!

...a few days late! We finally made it back to Vegas after 10 days in Michigan. We had a great time visiting the Van Burens and playing in the snow. Unfortunately, Ella is sick again. I'm not one to take my kids to the doctor for every runny nose and a week before Christmas, I caved in and took Ella to the pediatrician after two days of a fever (fevers that won't go down with medicine scare me). Sure enough, Ella had an ear infection in both ears. It cleared up nicely, but this morning (after traveling all day yesterday) she woke up with an extremely high fever. Back to Dr. Noah today and the infection is back. We got a new medicine and the fever is gone as of this evening. Phew. Not the way I was planning to start the new year!

I have lots of pictures of our trip to Michigan and rather than posting in one long post, I've decided to do some short ones. We have videos as well, but those may take longer to get up so bear with me!

Just as an aside... when children travel on airplanes, they have to sit in the window seat (FAA regulations). So if you don't want a small child who doesn't understand that he/she shouldn't be kicking the fun tray in front of them for 4 hours -- I would suggest booking a middle or aisle seat.

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The Campbell Family said...

Glad you are back - we have missed you! Sorry little one is sick again. She and B will make a fine pair. :) Also, as a flight note, we have taken to asking for front row seats. No trays to kick...

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