Friday, January 18, 2008

Someone's in the Kitchen....

...with Ella! Last week Ella received a Dora kitchen from a band "family". She absolutely loves it and it keeps Ella out from under Mommy when she is cooking. We put it right next to the real kitchen so we can cook together!

Mommy also got some new kitchen gadgets for Christmas. The red pot is a very heavy cast iron pot. I've wanted one (a la Le Creuset) for a good 3 years, but at $200 a pop.... We found this Wolfgang Puck version at Sams for a tenth of the price. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

And after 4 years of asking from my other half, I finally gave in and agreed to get a toaster oven (I didn't want to give up precious counter space). I had a conversation with Karin over Christmas about microwaves and how bad they are. Did you know that you can't just throw a microwave away? They are classified as nuclear waste! Uhh... yeah. Then last week I ran across an article all about how awful microwave cooking is.... I was convinced it was worth a shot not to use it anymore. So far I've made toast, brownies, chicken nuggets and salmon in the new little oven and it is fantastic! It's worth every inch of space it takes up.

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