Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Close Call

Thankfully, I am home this morning able to write this post! My blood pressure was so high at the doctor yesterday that he almost admitted me to the hospital for a few days of bed rest. But since I had the same issue with my first pregnancy, he opted to put me on meds and do fetal monitoring. As long as the meds get my pressure down and the baby is doing fine, we can avoid hospitalization.

The good news is that we did some monitoring yesterday (an AFI for those in the know)and this little guy is extremely healthy and strong. The goal is to have the baby on the monitor for 15 minutes with the heart rate increasing when he moves. Well, he wouldn't stay still and moves around so much and so strongly that he was off the monitor when he moved.

The other good news is that right now I only have to go for monitoring once a week. I went twice a week with Ella and while it is reassuring to know everything is OK, it seemed like a bit much.

Now if only the doctor could find a way to give me some more energy!

1 Thoughts From Others:

Nerdy said...

Oh no Cami I'm glad you're OK. And glad that they are going to monitor it. Be safe!

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