Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Birthday

I had a birthday last week -- Wednesday to be exact. I intentionally avoided blogging about it. I avoided phone calls all day long. I refused to check my email. It was a rough day and I just wanted it to be over. I had seen my hubby for exactly 3 hours the day prior and would see him for exactly 2.5 hours on my birthday and that was only because he skipped an important errand to come home (with cake and flowers in hand!). I was exhausted physically and tired of dealing with a toddler who was under the weather.

I peruse a blog occasionally of a young mother in her mid-20s of 4 small kids. She is in the midst of that 20s "what am I doing with my life and who am I anyway" phase. She thinks she feels this way because she is putting her life and dreams on hold to raise kids. I didn't have my first full-time kid until I was in my 30s and I can assure her and anyone else feeling that way -- it's normal, kids or no kids (at least that was how my 20s were for me!).

So I happen to be in love with my 30s and my birthday (always have been, always will be). We went out and celebrated last night and it was wonderful. An adult meal followed by two hours of conversation, just me and my one and only, in a coffee shop in a bookstore. Just lovely.

And the cake? Perfect. Chocolate, swirls, bright colors -- all my favorite things in life. He said he saw it and knew it had to have my name on it.

3 Thoughts From Others:

Nerdy said...

What a beautiful cake. I'm glad you had a wonderful day. Happy Belated birthday Cammie! To many more!!!

The Campbell Family said...

Well, here is something funny. My son called someone on your birthday and had a nice chat. She even had a daughter named Ella and it was this person's birthday as well. Can you believe that? I mean, what are the chances? Maybe next year you will not be avoiding the phone and we will get to talk to you! (wink. wink.) Proud of hubby for getting all the details this year. A few extra days to work through everything is totally acceptable. Welcome to 33, little one! :)

Grandma said...

Poor Noah told me he sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to to find out it wasn't you!! Guess he really is smarter than we know (he must have really known you weren't answering the phone..(smile))because he sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to, I got a treat in your "absence".

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