Friday, September 5, 2008

Going Low Tech

Our cell phone contract is up in October and we've been debating whether to stay with Verizon, our current provider, or switch providers. Last night I brought up another possible option -- cancel our service with Verizon when our contract is up... and go without.

Two years ago we opted to downgrade from two phones to one (and cut our cell phone bill in half) and really haven't missed the second phone. I'm at home all day and my husband has a work phone I call him on. We purchased a pre-paid Tracfone for $20 (including 60 minutes)to use in the car and when we need another phone. We keep that current by purchasing around $20 worth of minutes every 3 months or about $6.60 per month. We've had no issue with getting a signal and use it for emergencies or when we're apart (I took the Tracfone to Michigan with me).

We kept the Verizon service only because my husband talks to Sarah for at least 8 hours each month and her mom also has Verizon so it was a "free" call. But for at least a year he has been calling the home phone instead. We have 450 minutes with Verizon for just under $40/mo making those minutes $.08 each! There are much better deals to be had in the world of long distance. None of our family is on Verizon so we still end up using peak minutes (unless we call on weekends).

Our thought is to cancel the Verizon phone, get another pre-paid phone so we each have one, and try out services like Skype to get the best long distance deal possible. Our cell phone has really become more of a convenience than a necessity. If we find we're spending too much elsewhere, we can always sign up again.

If you have any long distance suggestions, I'm willing to give anything a test run!

3 Thoughts From Others:

The Campbell Family said...

And how am I going to get pictures of baby Boat in December??? (Cause we know you will not have a camera at your disposal then. wink. wink.) Boo to being practical! Boooo!!!

Camille said...

Luckily for you, Tracfone has phones with cameras on them, too. No worries!

Nerdy said...

I can't help because I'm attached to my cell phone. Now ... giving up a house phone to JUST have a cell phone, that I would do.

My cell allows me to get pictures, check my e-mail, text my friends that I can't call during peak hours, and just plain speak to my whole family for free. Moving to NC in a few days makes that a very attractive benefit.

So ... sorry, can't help :)

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