Monday, December 29, 2008


I can't take the credit, but I can brag!

Last night my mom treated us to Chuck E. Cheese (and I say "us" because the adults enjoy the games as much as the kids!). We ended up with 1500 tickets to spend. Sarah and I went over to start picking out prizes. It took me a few minutes before I realized that Sarah was getting 2 of everything -- one for her and one for Ella. I was planning to just get Ella some stickers! I didn't ask -- she just did it.

Yesterday Sarah was in the kitchen with me getting a beverage when her dad wanted her to go do something. She IMMEDIATELY ceased what she was doing, went and did whatever it was he wanted, then came back and got her drink. My mother would've DIED if we'd have done anything she asked immediately when she asked!

And just a funny: I put on make up today -- just some foundation and eye shadow. This evening I asked my husband if he'd noticed. Sarah piped up that she'd noticed I had eye shadow on. "Well," she said, "it is either eye shadow or you're really tired." Hmmmm... not exactly the look I was going for!

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Jen said...

Sarah is SUCH a beautiful young lady!!

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