Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

The day did not ring too early for us and the girls patiently waited for an hour to open their presents!

Matching PJs (I could not get all 3 together at one time)

I will never spend more than $1 for gifts for little kids. Her favorite gifts from the Target Dollar Spot: a Disney Princess necklace and Charlie Brown coloring book.

She was thrilled with a jewelry set and Christmas socks. The Littlest Pet Shop toys still remain unopened -- go figure!

I had the pleasure (seriously) of cooking a gorgeous ribeye roast and making Yorkshire Pudding. It was a hit, but no one took my picture.

Then we went to the Bellagio -- along with half the state of California. It was beyond packed! Don't come to Vegas for Christmas -- trust me on that. Thankfully, we know the Bellagio inside and out and stayed away from the crowds and still managed to get our gelato!

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