Friday, April 3, 2009

Filling the Easter Baskets

Easter is another holiday like Christmas that has, in my opinion, become over commercialized. There is just something about all those pastel colors, bunnies, chicks, and chocolate that tempts me to lose focus on what we are truly celebrating. Last year I really overdid it. The girls both got baskets brimming with candy. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I am determined this year NOT to create sugar comas before 8 AM.

In order to cut down on the sugar intake, I decided to find a nice gift for Ella's basket (Sarah is spending Easter with her mom this year and Miles is too little for one so I only have one basket to plan this year). Target has Disney Princess bath dolls on sale this week so I got one for Ella's basket. My sister bought a fun bubble machine for Ella so I added in some extra bubble solution (yes, I could make it at home, but this is something I just buy). Because there has to be SOME chocolate, I also got a small chocolate bunny and a plastic egg filled with M&Ms (her favorite candy). I picked up some small gumball machines on clearance after Christmas that I will also throw in. I am quite pleased with this small, fairly inexpensive basket perfect for a two year old.

While at Target I noticed they had Easter candy molds for sale, which gave me the idea to make my own candy next year. I am planning to go back and get them on clearance after Easter and make my own chocolate bunnies. I love this recipe for truffles, which would be pretty with some pastel sprinkles. A nice batch of sugar cookie eggs and a small knitted toy would round out a very nice basket of homemade goodies. I'm not sure why I never though to make Easter treats myself, but I am looking forward to doing it next year!

I bought the girls the Easter baskets in the picture from Pottery Barn Kids three years ago. Last year, when I was pregnant but didn't know if we were having a boy or girl yet, PBK still had the baskets available. Now I need a boy one for Miles. After 5 years in the PBK Easter selection, this year they are not available. Figures.

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