Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Going Organic Through Bulk Purchases

Like most women on a tight budget, I'd love to go organic, but seemingly could not fit it into my grocery budget. A few months ago I ran across some information on a company that sells bulk natural and organic products called Azure Standard. Azure Standard delivers on designated routes via big rig while also offering many products via normal shipping methods (like UPS). For the past few months I've been perusing their website and catalog, noting prices and comparing with local stores and vendors.

What I found out was that if I worked at it slowly, buy in bulk and pay careful attention to prices, I can afford to go organic on my $60/week budget. For instance, the main reason I was interested in Azure Standard is my ridiculously huge use of flour. I can't keep that stuff in the house. Azure Standard sells a 50lb bag of organic, unbleached white flour for about $.75/lb! I can buy 10 lb bags for just over $1.00/lb. I found that Fresh and Easy sells their organic flour for $1/lb sold in a 2 lb bag. They were the only store even close to Azure Standard on price (the rest were double that price plus some!). The same is true of coconut oil. Buying a large container from Azure Standard is the cheapest, but Fresh and Easy has a smaller container for very, very good price if I just want a small amount for a tad more.

I received my first Azure Standard order today and the quality is amazing. My husband opened the bag of paprika and we were both startled by the fresh aroma! I bought a 5 lb bag of wheat germ for $1/lb. A 12 oz jar at Wal-Mart was $3.50!

My plan is to set aside a portion of my monthly grocery budget and replace whatever I've used up with a bulk purchase from Azure Standard. It will probably take me a good 6 months to make the full conversion to organic (sans meat -- I just can't seem to find a decent price on organic meat anywhere).

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