Thursday, September 17, 2009

Homemade Crayons (Kind Of)

Ella and I spent an hour or so this week re-purposing the broken crayons in her art box. The hardest part was getting the darn paper off the crayons. I have no idea how kids manage to get so many wrappers off on their own!

We broke the crayons up in to smaller pieces, put them in a silicone heart ice cube tray from IKEA and baked them at 250 degrees in the toaster oven. When the "silicone" container began to melt a bit, I realized that perhaps the ice cube tray really is JUST for ice cubes! I caught it before it melted all over my toaster oven, thank goodness. We let the crayons cool down and then put them in the freezer for about 30 minutes.

Ella is absolutely delighted with her "new" heart crayons (particularly when played with on a Sushi mat). I'm thinking these would make super cute party favors (with coloring books from the dollar store) for a birthday party!

4 Thoughts From Others:

robin said...


You are such a creative and industrious mom! I hope to take a page or two out of your book when we start having children - the crayons are a super cute idea!


The Campbell Family said...

very good idea, Cam. will have to look for something to cook them in...

Camille said...

You can use muffin tins. Mini ones, too.

sunnymum said...

This is a fun project! You could melt them in a "boat" of tin foil and pour them into plastic molds (like for candy)

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