Monday, September 14, 2009

Making Money at Yard Sales

My sister and I continued our yard saling adventures this weekend. I can say with confidence that we are absolutely addicted. We happened upon an entire subdivision having yard sales so we stuck it out there for 2 hours. I was able to snag a hamburger patty maker that my husband has wanted for a quarter; a food scale for $1; a Little Tikes sand/water table for the kids for $2; and a dozen large mouth Ball canning jars with the lids and 4 packs of pectin for $3.

We stopped by a very small, thrown together yard sale not expecting much. Then we spied $100/pair Lucky Brand jeans. The dude wanted $1. YIKES!

The jeans won't fit anyone (well, maybe Sarah, but I'm not about to give a 10 year old a $100 pair of jeans even if they were only $1), so I'm planning to list them on eBay and make some money on them. It looks like used pairs sell for about $20.00, not a bad return on a $1 investment. I just sold the three BOB Book series I bought last weekend on Amazon. I netted $15 total on those three book sets.

And there it is -- my newest way to make money. Finding a treasure at a yard sale and re-selling it at a higher price. You just have to know what to look for. I knew the BOB books were selling on Amazon for about $8/box. My sister, the fashionista, spotted the Lucky Brand jeans and knew their worth (I would never have even noticed them).

3 Thoughts From Others:

Karin said...'ve become Matt ;)

Camille said...

Yes, except I use 99% of what I buy and I only buy a few things to sell that I know I can get a good return for. My house is not chock full of stuff I plan to sell ... someday. :-)

maygan said...

what a great find!

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