Sunday, February 28, 2010

We Will Now Pause for a Break

Wow. It's been quite the weekend. After a good 4 days last week of a very sleepless Miles, on Thursday I noticed he had a runny nose. That quickly progressed in to an all out drool and slobber fest followed by an all nighter on Thursday night. I am not one to sprint to the doctor at the first sign of sickness, but I could tell this was not just a cold. Sure enough, the little dude managed to contract an ear infection and croup. The doctor's words were "Wow, he is REALLY phlegmy!" Gee, thanks. Add to that some very red swollen gums from teething(I noticed while he was screaming his head off at the doctor) and we have one miserable little guy.

Three year old Ella has decided to take this opportunity of her parents being distracted holding her brother all day to create as much chaos and sass as she can muster.

It's been fun.

I am working on the March menu and attempting to get some freezer cooking done, but I'm not holding my breath!

Hopefully we'll be back to half-way healthy in a day or two!

2 Thoughts From Others:

Chief Family Officer said...

I hope everything is back to normal soon! Take care of yourself too :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I feel so bad for him and you . Hope it's a quick recovery ! Mary

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