Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Off My Needles: ROAR!

When we moved in to our new home last June, we were blessed to move in to a fantastic neighborhood. We have met many of our neighbors and hang out with them socially quite a bit. It helps that many of them have children the same age as ours. We just met a new neighbor who has a teenage daughter who BABY-SITS and lives RIGHT BEHIND US!

One of our neighbors is a professional photographer (and her daughter is a mere 3 days older than Ella!). We agreed to swap talents -- I'm knitting her photo props and she does our family photography! Last week we sat down and made a long list of items to knit and I finished one this week.

This Roar Stegosaurus hat in newborn size by Tot Toppers. It is very simple; I probably could have figured it out myself, but I wasn't quite sure about the spikes so I just bought the pattern. Miles was not too excited about modeling, but I got a couple of quick shots!

1 Thoughts From Others:

Chief Family Officer said...

WOW! That's awesome, Camille - and I love that you're bartering this way. How fabulous for both of you!

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