Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday: Drawer Organizers

When we moved in to our home in June, I was thrilled to have SIX DRAWERS (as opposed the two I had in our apartment) in my kitchen. I eagerly divided and conquered and end up with a gigantic mess. I had the drawers divided in to silverware, utensils for cutting, and the baking drawer, but everything was just kind of tossed in. I was constantly getting frustrated trying to find anything.

I had one drawer organizer with the slots for spoons, knives and forks (like the one in front in the picture above), but that didn't work for a long bread knife and kitchen scissors. Then I discovered drawer organizers -- little baskets and bins in different shapes and sizes that you fit right in to your drawers. My first attempt to find drawers organizers was frustrating because they started at $2 and went up in price from there, which was WAY more than I wanted to spend. Good old Wal-Mart to the rescue (I searched everywhere else, but couldn't find the right price!). Wal-Mart carries packs of 2-3 drawer organizers for $1.

I can't tell you how happy those organized drawers make me! It's so nice to reach in a find a tablespoon without spending 10 minutes digging for one!
Drawer organizers definitely works for me!

4 Thoughts From Others:

Sarah Kay said...

I only had one drawer in my condo in Boston and now have upgraded to 6. And there still doesn't seem to be enough room. Why is that?

Rebecca said...

Sarah Kay - it's because of *stuff*!! We fill whatever space we occupy. Therefore, organizing posts are virtuous!

Camille said...

I got rid of A LOT of "stuff" when I only had the 2 drawers. Now I look at those 6 all FULL and wonder where in the world I kept it! Under our bed, probably!! LOL

Candi said...

Hi, visiting from Stolen Moments...we just organized our kitchen drawers too. I figured it was time since we've been in our house for almost 9 YEARS! LOL!

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