Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Bed -- Finally!

For over three years we have been sleeping on a Select Comfort bed just on a frame. Mostly because we couldn't agree on anything for our bedroom in terms of decoration. And slightly because we kept moving and didn't feel like carting around a headboard/footboard. You can kind of see it above -- I have a better picture but I can't find it. The quilt is hand-made and was a wedding gift from some friends (who made it themselves). We love it and it has served us well, but it was time for a change.

When we found out we were pregnant, we decided against spending tons of money on bedding for the baby because we felt that if we were going to spend money it should be on our OWN bedroom first!

We finally did.... and it is oh so beautiful!

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ErinOrtlund said...

That IS beautiful! I love the style. We just have a mattress and a frame too. So many things I would like to get--would love a king size bed with a headboard and footboard.

The Campbell Family said...

Very pretty!!! And the cats approve - thank goodness. :)

Jen said...

That is really beautiful. Can't wait to see it in a few weeks! Did you get all the bedding at IKEA? I was there today and they have some great stuff!!! Felix really adds to the picture :)

Beth LaBelle said...

Wow does that look so nice and comfortable!! I am just glad that IKEA finally sent you the piece you needed!! I hope you to get to enjoy it!!

Camille said...

Thanks, everyone!

I hear you, Erin! When Mitch and I got engaged we agreed that we'd spend any gift money we received on a king size bed (we had one twin bed between the two of us!). I'm glad we did it!! We'd never be able to afford it now!

The bedding is from Anna's Linens, Jen. It's a TJ Maxx for home stuff.

So am I, Beth!!

Yup, Felix went right back to "his" spot on the bed. :-)

Camille said...

My side of the bed is more comfy than my other half's side, although she would tend to disagree with me on that statement.

Thank you to my wife for a wonderful Father's Day. I had a wonderful time at lunch and playing with Anakin Skywalker.


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