Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day!

Saturday evening, Mitch and I are putting up window tinting on our west facing are in bed...bragging to ourselves about what a great first day Sarah had (they can be really rough sometimes). We went to bed around midnight, but we just couldn't fall asleep. About 1:30 AM, Sarah appeared in our doorway wanting to get in to bed with us. Mitch tucked her back in to her bed. Fifteen minutes later, Ella was screaming bloody murder having been woken up by Sarah being put to bed. 2:15 AM everyone is back in bed. 2:45 AM, Sarah is BACK in our doorway... needless to say it was a very restless night!

Father's Day dawned bright and early for the Gabels. Mommy had planned ahead and had everything ready to makey yummy popovers. Only Mommy hasn't been able to figure out why popovers don't like to "pop" out west.... still good, but not nearly as much fun! (If anyone knows how to fix this -- I'm all ears!)

After breakfast we headed to church where Ella was not pleased about being left in the nursery -- which she usually loves! So mommy sat with her while Daddy went to church and Sarah went to the kids church. After church we headed down to the Strip. On our way for lunch at Rainforest Cafe at the MGM, we passed by the Lion Habitat. It was crowded so we didn't stay long.

The Rainforest Cafe was fun! Sarah loves the place and I enjoy the ambiance, but I'd forgotten how pricey and terrible the food is!

A short walk down the Strip and we were at Gameworks to play some video games! A favorite (other than air hockey, which always gets much play time) was a Star Wars pod racer game....

Daddy said he had fun, but I think exhaustion set in early from lack of the sleep the night before. We ended the day hanging out on the couch watching a flick!

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The Campbell Family said...

glad to know we were not the only ones with 'trouble'. happy father's day, uncle mitch!

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