Thursday, June 28, 2007

So many milestones....

Last night we put Ella down at 7 PM without a fuss at all for the night, or so we thought. At 9 PM, while I was at the grocery store, Ella woke up. She didn't go back down until 11 PM! Apparently it was just a nap -- silly mommy and daddy! As daddy was playing with her to wear her out -- he noticed her top two teeth have broken the surface of her gums. No wonder she's been so fussy. It took a good 3 weeks for those puppies to erupt.

Meanwhile, Sarah has been working on walking with Ella. Sarah is determined that Ella will be steadily walking by the time she leaves. Here they are working together. Ella is actually walking very well now. It won't be long before that's her primary mode of transportation, which means it's time to get some shoes.

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