Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Official Start of the Summer

It never really feels like summer until Sarah is here. Last year it was mid-July when she arrived and June felt so empty without her. But today we kicked off 2007 with a bang. After a trip up to school and to the barber with Daddy, Sarah and I went to see the movie "Nancy Drew". Good flick for tween girls or younger. The "official" reviewers hated it -- but then when do they ever like anything good or wholesome in a movie?? We then hit the library and signed up for the Summer Reading Program. For every 5 books Sarah reads, she gets a prize. We checked out 6 books and she has already read 3 of them (she wanted to stay at the library and read them all to get her prize today!). After dinner we headed to the pool (all 4 of us) and then roasted marshmallows. Ella LOVED her first marshmallow roast. She was not pleased when the marshmallows stopped coming her way.

Tomorrow is Father's Day and we have a VERY special day planned for our special man!

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