Thursday, August 16, 2007

BPA Concerns

I received and email today regarding concerns of a certain type of plastic called BPA (that's short for a long scientific name) that is used to make bottles and sippy cups. There appears to be mixed research on whether the chemical in BPA can leak in to the fluids in the bottles/cups and then get in to a child's body causing damage. While I am in no way the type to jump on anyone band wagon that says not to do X or Y because it MIGHT be dangerous.... this one concerns me. Anything man made with little reasearch on the effects is scary. I tossed a few sippy cups and called the manufacturers of the others that weren't clearly marked (avoid 6 or 7 recycling marks). I thought I would post the info just in case anyone wanted to do some reasearch and make your own decision!

You can find the story in the LA Times, at this blog, and at Baby Bargains.

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