Saturday, August 4, 2007


Ella has been siging "potty" to us whenever we got to the bathroom and she ALWAYS has to be in there with you. If you close the door, she sits outside and bangs on it. So we decided to go ahead and get her a potty to sit on while she's in there. Now, I don't expect her to be potty trained anytime soon, but her big sister was out of diapers at 18 months so here's hoping!

Ella sat on the potty in the kitchen for a good 15 minutes. Then we put it in the bathroom and her on it... she forgot something as you can see in the pictures.

2 Thoughts From Others:

The Campbell Family said...

Maybe she thought she was going to stay long enought that she'd need a nap.

Camille said...

Or she's just attached to that blanket as she drags it all over the house all day long.

BTW -- if you (meaning anyone reading this) take your kids to the nursery/kids area at church and they are toddlers and have a lovie PLEASE PLEASE pack it for the volunteers! And a sippy cup! It makes our lives so much easier.

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