Sunday, August 26, 2007


To those of you raising more than one small child (3 and younger). I am baby-sitting this school year. I have a 4 month old (Baby R) and a 3 year old (I) two days a week and a 6 week old (Baby L) two other days of the week. Plus Ella, of course! Last Friday I had the 2 kids plus Ella and whoa! Of course, this was our first day together and Baby R was not in his element and desperately needed my baby swing (which I loaned to his mom when he was born!). It wasn't awful or terrible or anything, but I was wiped! And how you get ANYTHING done other than mere survival of eating is beyond me. I'm thinking maybe 4-5 years between kids is more my style! The bonus, of course, was that Ella was totally occupied with I and they had loads of fun together. She was so giddy that she barely slept all day long and was still happy!

2 Thoughts From Others:

The Campbell Family said...

Well, good heavens! Nothing like starting slow! :) Good luck! I wish I had some advice but I haven't figured out the secret yet. If you get any good tips, be sure to share!

Camille said...

Mini-bags of microwave popcorn. Worked for 2 girls for 2 snacks yesterday.

The good news is that I and Ella are the same age apart as B and N and they play together all day long. So soon you will have more time to yourself while they entertain each other.

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