Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Nevada Day!

That's right, folks, this past weekend we celebrated Nevada Day. It's actually on October 31st, but since that coincides with another holiday, Nevadans celebrate their state's admittance in to the union on the last Friday in October. Hey, it get us the day off so who are we to mock??

In honor of Nevada Day, we went to Costco. Then we hit a really cool new playground (new to us at least) with lots of sand to play in!

And a REALLY big hill to roll down....

And, of course, shopping with Aunt Michelle at the outlets. We hit the jackpot... all kinds of leopard print for Sarah and Ella!

Just a note: Ella does not drink anything other than milk or water. I tried once to give her juice when she had a fever -- just to get her to drink anything, and she would have nothing to do with it. Since she doesn't like juice, I figured there was no way she would like diet I gave her ONE SIP ONCE. Loves it. Go figure.

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The Campbell Family said...

I want a Nevada Day! Noah and Ella should get along just fine. Although he has never tasted it, he requests Diet Coke for breakfast every morning.

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