Wednesday, October 29, 2008

36 Weeks

Yesterday the doctor told us that he wants to do an amnio at 36 weeks (I am currently 34 weeks) and deliver the baby if all is well. That news took me by complete surprise. I knew we wouldn't make it past 39 weeks, but I figured we'd make it to at least 37 weeks! The issue is that my blood pressure is not coming down and while I have no signs of preeclampsia, he is still concerned. He doubled my medication intake, which was already making me sleepy and dizzy, so I'm in great shape today.

I, of course, have mixed feelings about delivering at 36 weeks. First and foremost, I don't want a baby with problems from being born too early. But that said, Ella was born at 37 weeks and had no issues whatsoever (well, she had hip issues, but that had nothing to do with when she was born). On the other hand, running around after a 2 year old while drugged up has been more than difficult and I feel like Ella is getting cheated big time.

Has anyone delivered at 36 weeks or know much about delivering that early?

2 Thoughts From Others:

Speedbump Kitchen said...

Brynn was a 36 weeker. She did fine, nursed fine, her brain seems fine. She was just a bit squawky, but that has continued to be her personality. The worst part is having a 1 month old that acts like a newborn and waiting 10 weeks for a smile. As far purple potatoes...I have crazy vegetable issues...

Boysnberries' Brambles said...

I haven't delivered early- in fact all of mine have roasted beyond their due dates. I would love for this fourth one to come a wee bit early, but you can't hold out hope. That said, I certainly think 36 weeks will be fine, Camille. Trust the one who is knitting that babe. And I so hear you on the low energy with Ella. I am not even on drugs and I can't manage to keep it up for mine. Poor babes... Thankfully they are learning to give and love in spite of it all~ and we are all anticipating what the next 4 or 5 weeks might bring to our home! Praying for you this morning! (BTW, Dave was 6 weeks early. It doesn't seem to have affected him too much- well, I mean...)

~Love ya!

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